The initiator of the Good Future Foundation is Rik Viergever. Rik is a social entrepreneur, meaning he sets up and helps with projects that he feels will make a positive contribution to our planet and its societies. Rik is the chairperson of the board of the Good Future Foundation.

More information about Rik can be found on LinkedIn and on Socialhome.

foto Rik

Joost Morsink is also a member of the board of the Good Future Foundation. He works with Rik on making sure the foundation develops a robust and transparent IT-infrastructure. Joost has 20+ years of experience as a programmer and IT-manager.

More information about Joost can be found on LinkedIn.

Arnoud Rijpstra is also a board member and secretary of the Good Future Foundation. Amongst others, he helps the foundation to improve its business processes. Arnoud works in finance and business architecture optimization. He helps mid-market companies to transform and improve their results.

More information about Arnoud can be found on LinkedIn.

Photo Arnoud

In addition to Rik, Joost and Arnoud, several others help with setting up the Good Future Foundation:

  • Bob Kijl helps the foundation to report transparently on its financials. Bob has made a career in accounting and is currently a controller at social and health care organization.
  • Carly Heemstra helps the foundation with its design and marketing. She likes that the organization starts initiatives to improve the world and that she can help the foundation achieve that goal with her knowledge.

There are also many people who were part of the team in the past and who also helped a lot with making the foundation into what it is today:

  • Iris Kroon
  • Pascal Wink
  • Tijs Slagt
  • Mark Beuerle
  • Thijs Aarts

Finally, the Good Future Foundation collaborates with Utrecht University and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in several learning projects and has been helped by many students from these universities.